Pinpointing Your Target Market

When selling anything online, it’s important to remember that you are not selling to everybody. Not everybody wants what you have. There’s no point in trying to convince someone who isn’t interested in your product into becoming a customer.

Instead, look for a target market that already wants what you have.


You should be able to name the particular attributes of your ideal target market without giving it a second thought.

If your ideal customer is an individual, ask yourself, “What are the top 3 most painful things in their lives?” If business owners are your target market, the question becomes, “What are the top 3 most painful things in their business?”

You should also know the top 3 things they are afraid of. What keeps them awake at night?

Do you know the top 3 skepticisms and objections that keep people from buying your products? This might be tricky because, most often, they won’t tell you—even if you ask.

Think of the Benefits your product offers rather than its Features—people want to know how your product will improve their lives or solve their problems. The more Benefit-rich your product description the more likely people will want it.

Think outside the box. Can your product be used to solve problems other than that for which it was originally designed? If so, this may open up a completely new target audience for you.

Finally, what are your potential customers’ alternatives to buying from you? You may think they buy from somewhere else, but maybe they don’t buy at all.


When it comes to your ideal target market, knowing the answers to the above questions will give you the key to building a strong relationship with your customers.

Apply this knowledge to your advertising. Speak to their problems, pains, and desires. Reading your ad should make people subconsciously think, “That’s me.” Your ads will stand out, and your results improve almost magically.