Balancing Website Content with Affiliate Offers

It’s great to have affiliate offers to promote on your website and here are some tips to help you along the way.

Our first and foremost advice when choosing a niche is to follow your passion. For long-term success, you will find it easier to research and write content about subjects that interest you. Remember, any affiliate program you choose will only be useful as the content it is designed to support—and content is king.

In this respect, affiliate marketing is circular. Your content needs a product to sell, and your product needs content. Your content will establish your unique voice and authority. Readers who believe and trust you are more likely to click on your affiliate links.


Our second piece of advice is to use discretion with your links. Create a balance between monetization and user experience. Give value first and avoid bombarding your readers with multiple links throughout the body of your content.

Providing cleaner, less diverting content give you a greater probability of getting clicks from people truly interested in your offer. So, consider limiting the number of affiliate links to one in your summary paragraph and in your email PS.


Blogs are great for marketers that love writing, but what if that’s not you? Fortunately, in today’s online environment, you have other options. If you are more visual, try using pictorial presentations, slideshows, or infographics.

These options are useful on your website but don’t overlook other venues, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, to name a few.


While your goal as an affiliate marketer is to make money, which is the same as any other business owner, keep in it is the readers or buyers who are actually contributing to your success. Always serve your customers, The Commission Machineconsumers, or followers by putting their interests first. They will reward you by clicking your affiliate links, which will earn you the commissions you desire.

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