About Teresa Brown

Teresa Brown

I wasn’t always an internet marketer, and online marketing didn’t come naturally to me. So, how is it I came to be here?


I was a high school dropout at age 17. After 6 days of working as a motel maid, I knew that hard life wasn’t for me.

I was fortunate to get an entry-level office job. That was back in the age of mechanical calculators and Selectric typewriters. (Does anyone remember those?)

I worked my way up the corporate ladder until I landed a job as the branch manager of a small Savings & Loan Bank. I thought I had it made … but what I had were the demands and frustrations of lower management. Caught in the middle, I had requests from my bosses and frustrations from the branch employees.

I’ll spare you the boring details of a long, unpleasant story and just say that I wanted out.


One of my brothers suggested I learn about Internet Marketing and told me where I could get information about online affiliate programs. I laughed because, back then, what I knew about the internet and social media wouldn’t fill a coffee cup. Still, I was intrigued. I took my brother’s advice and started to investigate what was available.

In a few short months, I was amazed at the difference.

I’m living proof that a person, young or old, can learn to earn money online. Believe me, if I can make money as an affiliate marketer, anyone can.


Ever hear the adage, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”? It has been true for us from our earliest years. We’ve been fortunate to have benefited from the guidance of many ethical and caring mentors. Now, we strive to follow their example in sharing our knowledge.

More and more people want to break free from the restrictions of earning their livelihood through uninspiring jobs and spending the majority of their waking hours cooped up in an office. Or worse yet, with complaining or lazy co-workers and bosses, they don’t like. They want to learn to earn money from the internet but find it as mystifying as we once did.

That’s where we come in. We can be a resource to help clear the muddy waters and point the way to smooth sailing, so you can learn to earn money online.

Do you want to earn extra money from the internet or do you have the dream to be your boss with time, location, and financial freedom? Do you have more than a little desire and determination? Then, we invite you to read on for valuable information about how you, too, can learn to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

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