About DOTCOM-ers

We are Teresa Brown and Perry Johnson.

We are part of a growing group of innovative internet entrepreneurs.

We don’t rely on the whim of bosses for our livelihood or compromise our ethics to the dictates of corporate directors.

In fact, we thrive on our independence.

We know that getting a paycheck is never enough and is only an illusion of security because no job is guaranteed.

We are fighting against the people who have held us back in the past because our lives and our families are more important to us than the comfort of mediocrity.

If you look inside any business or corporation, you will find restrictive bosses and small-minded managers who stand in the way of their employees realizing their full potential.

Most employees accept it because they’ve been told since childhood the only way is to get an education and find a good job.

Yet, there is another way. It happens every day through the power of the internet.

We create our own opportunities, provide for ourselves, and live the life of our dreams. We are Dotcom-ers and we stand strong!

Dotcom-ers are:

D = Determined

O = Optimistic

T = Tenacious

C = Committed

O = Openminded

M = Motivated

E = Enthusiastic

R = Resourceful

S = Strong